Falling for Superman

My blog has been suffering as of late. No good excuse. Work has been great, but not too busy. Friends and family are doing well. So I guess the only reason would be…him. I am dating a nerd. Now I don’t say that as if it’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. Because he’s pretty flippin nerdy.

Well first, let me start with a true and surprising confession. We are a Tinder success story. I know! It’s like a Great White Buffalo. But from the first time we started communicating, it was-easy. And I think that’s what you want in a good relationship. You want things to feel easy. And for someone like me, who is a total control freak, it’s refreshing to meet someone who has such a simple approach to things.

We both like the outdoors. We both have tattoos. We both like cartoons. But where I have an intense love of football (and he does not), he has an intense love…for comics. I am in no way kidding when I say that every Wednesday is Comic Book Day for him. Just like a real live Sheldon, he goes to three, count em…three, comic book stores, every Wednesday for the latest releases. The man is a comic savant. The characters, the story lines, the writers and the illustrators-he knows them all. And it’s kind of intriguing.

In addition to his love of comics, there’s his job. His job in the military is a technical one, full of acronyms, security clearance and really cool jets. On our first date, he made an attempt to explain to me what he actually does. I hate to say, I kind of zoned out a bit. So much of it went over my head. On our third date, he showed me part of his comic collection. His labeled, catalogued, pristine covered comic collection. Oh, and his love of Japanese anime. He would show me more and more of his collection and say “Yea, you probably don’t want to date me after seeing this.”

Almost six months later, we are still going strong. And if I had to pick a reason behind it, it’s because he’s such a nerd. You see, being a nerd just means you have an intense love and respect for one thing. I am a proud football nerd. Any of my friends will tell you that my life during football season revolves around UGA, the Falcons and Fantasy Football. And if you look at movies and shows like Big Bang Theory, or any nerd in your life, their view on relationships is a simple one- appreciate what you have as valuable.

In other words, that special someone in a nerds life, becomes their most valuable possession. And with being on the other end of that kind of adoration, it makes sense. I can understand his love of comics, because he treats me as if I were that rare book. And though I may not understand what he does at work, to see the passion in his eyes when he talks about and takes pride in what he does, it fills me with joy when he looks at me the same way.

So I am dating a nerd. We should all be so lucky to have someone who treats us like we are a one in a million, mint condition, autographed comic. We may be viewed and wanted by others, but it’s the one that holds us close that will forever call you ‘mine’.

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