Movie Couple Inspiration

I don’t think of myself as a Rom-Com fan. And to be honest, most romantic movies are a bit cheesy to me. But there are a few for either story or soundtrack, I find myself enjoying. Recently I asked my fiancĂ© if there is a movie which features a couple who he admires. I had this thought while reading a book. The couple in the book had several dynamics that I thought “Huh. I’d like that.” And rather than trying to explain the ethos of the couple to my partner I was curious, perhaps there is a famous movie couple that he admires.

Ok, maybe “admire” isn’t the right word. But have you ever watched a movie or show and thought “I like there love.” or “I want something like that.” ? Now the first thing I will say and fully admit, is that it is Hollywood’s job to make the idea of love and romance, so over exaggerated that it doesn’t seem real. I mean honestly…Christian Grey. (But full disclosure, I would love to have someone cyberstalking my bank account and just give me money and a car. Who wouldn’t?)

There are just some couples who’s love is iconic in film that you can only wish to have a fraction of it in your own life. Of all the most scene stealing, memorable, heart aching and inspiring characters in film, what couple stands out to you? Who has an earth shattering love? An endless love? A devoted love? Try this exercise: sit down with your partner and pic three couples each from movies that you admire. Talk about why their love is special. Perhaps they overcame obstacles and that is something that you want to work towards. Or maybe they proved their doubters wrong. Breakdown the dynamic of the relationship and then try to see how you can implement parts of it into your own.

Bonus points: Each of you pick your favorite movie featuring your couple, cuddle on the couch with a good bottle of wine under a blanket and do your own romantic commentary.