I must confess…I like reading smut!

When the “50 Shades of Grey” books first came out, I was working on cruise ships. Since we are very much like a small community, one young lady had the book and we soon began to pass it around our cast, taking turns reading about the exploits of the hottest bachelor in Seattle. I fell in love with the books quickly. Not just because of the cheese factor or the amazing lifestyle, but let’s be honest, the stuff was hot. Several years prior, I read a collection of books with a retelling of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice. It was her venture into the erotic literature world and let me tell you…your girl learned some things.

So to say I was a fan of smut, was an understatement! A good friend of mine is huge in #booktok, and is always giving great book reviews. And as much as I wish I had more time to read, I thought that perhaps an audiobook, would be a good option. I could listen to a book at work or doing my morning routine, and maybe get inspired for the blog and podcast. So I reached out to her and asked for a few smutty suggestions of audiobooks. I got some great recommendations and even some that I saw mentioned in a few Tiktok’s.

I decided on a series by Katee Robert. The first book being “Electric Idol”. It tells of a modern day Olympus, where the Gods rule various sectors of business and commerce. Now I am kind of a nerd when it comes to mythology, so I thought this would be right up my alley. The plot was exciting, the Gods have great character development, and the conflict has you from the first chapter. But let’s be honest, that’s not why I got the book. The shit was sexy AF.

I did however notice one major problem. Listening whilst at work can be pretty…uh… distracting. Robert has a way with words, I’ll give you that. You then add my desire to get work done and not be a sloppy wet mess behind my desk, and you have a recipe for a rather complicated work day. Of course it does not help that the male narrator has a voice that sounds like liquid sex, either.

I was maybe halfway through the book when I came home one day, looked at my fiance and thought “Yea…I need to do you!” So then I noticed something amazing. My sex drive got a little boost. I was inspired by what I was listening to and it definitely made its way to the bedroom. It got me thinking that maybe this could be the secret to some couples looking to add a bit of spice to their life. Smut on Tape!

I listened to another erotic audiobook that I also enjoyed and waited with baited breath for the second book in the series by Katee Robert. This time, I listened to most of it on a plane while heading out of town for work. A four day conference, away from my fiance and my vibrator (looking back I realized that was a big mistake). And if listening to “Neon Idol” at work was complicated, on a plane, wearing a mask and trying not to get turned on, was even more problematic. I finished the audiobook in three days!

The moral of the story kids, download “Audible”, check out some recommendations on #booktok and enjoy. What I love about the genre of erotic literature is that there is truly something for every one. Straight, Gay, Bi, Witches, Wolves, Mafia, Black, Asian, you name it…it’ll turn you on. But may I issue a word of caution…make sure your air pods are charged fully. I’d hate for them to die in mid sentence, fall out and an entire conference room hear about a certain God pining a woman down on a bed by her ankles.