Good Girl

One of the things that therapy has taught me over the years, are the deep issues, traumas or unrecognized conditions that make me… me. But Smut Books, audio books and SmutTok have taught me that apparently I have a kink. I call it “The Good Girl”. Looking at it purely on a therapist stand point, one would say, that since I am an only child, I have a strong desire to please and receive validation from a job well done.

Yea. Blah, Blah, Blah, Raise your hand if you, perhaps recently discovered, that you like being told “Good Girl.” or being called a “Good Girl”? So what is it? What is the appeal? Why does it hit us in such a carnal and satisfying way? And when it is said in a low, husking, slow affirmation, why does it make our lady parts just growl? A friend of mine recently introduced me to Smut Books. And while I have read erotic books in the past (If you didn’t know that Anne Rice wrote an erotic version of Sleeping Beauty under a pen name…go get it!), I recently started listening to audiobooks.

I think it must be related to my singer background, but it’s the sound for me. The great thing about most audiobooks is that they allow you to listen to a preview before you buy. There have been several books that after listening to the preview I thought “Nope. Can’t stand the voice. He does nothing for me.” That’s because it is so much more than just saying the words, but how they are said. I have often told people in both professional and personal settings, that it isn’t WHAT you say, but your TONE.

But something about being told “Good Girl” can get you by not only the tone, but the words. They carry an air of seduction and praise. Yes, it is a Praise Kink. Like getting a lollipop at the end of your doctors appointment as a child, you receive a reward for doing a good job. Affirmations from your partner are not only so important in a relationship, but also in bed. It’s like a vocal map you give to guide your partner down the right path. We all want to know we are doing a good job and we all like to be rewarded.

But if “Good Girl” doesn’t do it for you…what does?