Drunk and Dating

It is no surprise that I enjoy a good cocktail. Or cocktails. Or shots. Or whiskey. I enjoy drinking. The social aspect of it. The taste of it. The relaxation it brings after a hard day. I have found that at times, it can greatly improve a situation. Like a date. Be it good or bad, I can always relay on my friend Jameson or Patron, to either get me through a mindless hour of boredom, or ignite a game of “Truth or Dare”.

I also argue that I have made some truly questionable decisions while under the influence. For example, going on a date in the first place. Alcohol by nature, is actually a depressant. Did you know that? *Mind blown* All those times we thought that “Liquid Courage” was a thing, or at least that thing that got us dancing on a bar, it’s all more so in our heads. Because alcohol is really a downer. Who knew?

But I do argue that a good drink can make a date entertaining. Whether you imbibe or not, here are a few tips to enjoy a date with or without booze:

  • Stay Sober: I know you thought I’d jump into it with “Order a Pint.” But no. If you prefer to really get something deep and meaningful from your date, try not drinking. And for those of you who don’t drink in general, make sure to let your date know that. But don’t be a jerk or judge your date if they choose to have a cocktail. Or two!
  • It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint: Meaning, pace yourself. Don’t knock out two shots and a beer in the first hour. Especially if you find that you’re having a great time, spread out your cocktails. Sure, this may mean you are going at a slower pace, but a messy drunk is never fun. Especially on a first date.
  • Find a Common Drink: Here’s a great way to start a date, especially if going into it, you know your date enjoys drinking. Find out their favorite cocktail. If it’s also something you enjoy, maybe try a different version together. It can be a great conversation starter. And bonus if you both like it.
  • Make Suggestions: I hate gin! I just can’t get into it. But I appreciate trying new things. If your date has a similar apprehension and they are open to taking a walk on the wild side, why not offer a suggestion? Be sure to offer to pay if they don’t like it, so there’s no pressure in paying for something they don’t enjoy.
  • Get your Waiter/Bartender involved: This final tip is for the date that is going super well and bonus, there happens to be a cool waiter/bartender. Let them know that you’re having a great date so far and you need a drink made special for you and your date. Bartenders love to be creative and if you tip well, they can really make it a fun night. Shout out to my fellow bartenders who also make darn good matchmakers!
Smiling couple having drinks at bar

In the end, have fun and be safe. Be sure to drink tons of water and make sure your date has a safe way home. If you’re lucky you’ll be having another round of drinks on date #2! In the meantime, Cheers!

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