Welp, 2020!

I won’t insult you by stating the obvious about 2020. What I will do is say, that we made it. I won’t even say that the dumpster fire is over. There could still be some burning embers coming to 2021. Sit your hot ass down and don’t touch anything.

But that’s not my main point either. If you’re like me, other than COVID, 2020 brought a lot of challenges and opportunities. Some of the hardest things, I had to go through this year, made me truly appreciate much of what I took for granted. I also learned to have more…what’s the word…PATIENCE. Patience in myself, my relationship and others. And I think in the learning process of this year, was where a lot of us found our strength. For some, that was learning how much work teachers TRULY do, if you had to home school a child. Or learning that a simple text to check on someone, really brightened their day. Because that was 2020 in a nutshell. Recognizing that we ALL had something to get through or go through and learning to be a bit more….wait for it…PATIENT.

So dear reader, the long and short of it, is this: it was one year. If you are fortunate…no…blessed…to see another or many more, let 2020 be the marker to remind you of what you have been through, accomplished, loved, loss, made new, learned and found….(one more time)..patience in. And treat 2021 like Drake said “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.”