A Letter to my Heart

Dear Heart-

This is the day you were not prepared for. This is the first day where you simply must get up and move on. This process my dear heart, will be slow. It will be painful. Memories will flood your brain and remind you of the joy you once held so deeply. You will cry. A lot. You will hear songs, see movies, smell scents and fall in a lullaby of love, loss and regret.

But heart, this is not the end. Those memories, are not sad because they happened. They were once real. Hold fast heart, on the fact that your love was once so real, that it burned a level of passion, you were not prepared for. It is only by its absence that you feel a loss.

Dear heart, you will become stronger from this. There will be a day, when you will faintly recall pain or sadness. Instead, you will look back and take inventory of your life. And when the scenes of your past return to your memory, you will hold with them a grateful heart. A heart that was blessed to have had such a love. You will also step into a world of possibility, for my dear heart, the course of your life still continues.

What has happened in your past, was to prepare you for your future. Perhaps love will return. In its return you will learn from your mistakes, you both will grow, you both will be different people, for love changes us all. But perhaps, dear heart, that love may not return. It pains me to say this. You will however, learn that this is not the end of your journey. Because something greater is yet to be discovered for you.

Dear Heart- your song is not over. The melody of your life has just begun. There will be days of longing, hours of questioning and seconds of confusion. But heart, believe me when I say, there will be a time where your love will be of greater measure than you ever thought possible. Hope for that heart and take comfort in its arrival.