I want what I want, when I want it

I always feel bad when I see parents with kids who are in the middle of fits of childish rage. For one, I feel bad because they are parents. And two, I don’t think they realize that their children have a point. Sometimes it’s ok to demand what you want. Sometimes it’s fine to throw your arms in the air and say “Give me everything! It’s mine!”

As a Type A personality, only child and Leo, I find it very, very, VERY hard to not get what I want. I almost demand it. Though there are times, when I don’t get my way. I know…shocking. But it’s in those occasions that I have to wonder: Is he/it worth it? What girl doesn’t like a good challenge? I was recently in said situation.

I have a great respect for a man that can bug me, encourage me, bug me and make me question my general stance on the male species. But for the time being, let’s just say, I feel an awful lot like the kid who can’t have her way. You have to be truly talented, gifted, charming, smart and funny to get under my skin. And it makes it all annoying that I will soon sit on a beach and ponder why I have no shiny toy to play with.

I think I may need to ask my friends who are parents, what do you do when your child throws a fit and doesn’t get what they want? You don’t give in, do you? No. You wait until they either get their desired toy or find something better.

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