I dare you to….

I hate when someone says “I dare you to…”. I hate it for many reasons. The first, it kicks my only child mentality and need to please into overdrive. “I’ve been given a challenge. I must do it now!”. Second, usually the dare is something that the darer knows that I will 100% do. So it’s not so much of a dare as it is “Let’s see her do this!” It’s entertaining for all and I can maintain my record of never turning down a dare. *

* If it causes me harm, is illegal in all Southern states or involves cats or Gin, I always say no.

But when it comes to the bedroom, I love a good dare. Scratch that. I almost demand it.   For one, how will you ever know what you like and don’t like unless you try new things? I had a conversation with a friend recently and we talked about how she knew a guy that really only had one move. One move? Wasn’t that banned pass the age of 16? I said “Why don’t you dare him to do something? Like, I dare you to kiss a part of my body that has never been kissed.” *

*By far one of my favorites and I have yet to find a guy to actually do this accurately.

Think of it more like a challenge. Guys, when a girl dares you in bed, she actually has full faith that you can live up to the dare. She may also need you to spice things up a bit. This is your chance to surprise us. And not only that, we want you to give back. You got a girl who says she’s adventurous? Game on! But, remember, there must be rules to a good dare.

It should not cause harm, it must be fun, it should be something you’ve never done and most importantly, it should be something that challenges you just as much as your partner. So why not start 2014 with a bit of naughty Truth or Dare. Grab some slips of paper, write done a few questions and dares, and just have fun! I’ll start…

“I dare you to send me a….”