The 2013 Gift Guide

It is that time of year where  anxiety and mistletoe run high. It’s the holiday season. First your debate will be, have you been dating long enough to give gifts? Second, how much should you spend? And finally, what in the world should you give? So here’s a little breakdown for the guys and gals. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!



For that special lady in your life:

Tip One: Guys, if your girl ever says “You don’t have to give me anything special.” This is code for your gift better be awesome. It also means she is testing you. Now there are the rare exceptions to the rule, but at the end of the day it means, you need to make an effort. And effort does not mean a gift card.

Tip Two: Be Creative. I hate to say this, but women are emotional creatures. So if you come up with a creative , memorable gift, you will be golden for the holidays. Keep in mind, this creative gift, doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s all about making memories…and making us cry like an extra in a Hallmark commercial.

Tip Three: When in doubt…ASK! Sure we want you to guess what we want, but in order to save you the embarrasment of giving a lousy gift and us giving our best Meryl Streep surprise happy face, just ask us what we want. Better  yet, ask a family member, co-worker or friend. In the end we all want that ultimate gift, of getting exactly what we want. (Bonus if you think that gift is you)

For that special gent in your life:

Tip One: I’m not going to shock you too much ladies, but what you are thinking is a great place to start. We all know that our guy might have that one “thing” that he would lovveeee us to give him. So for the sake of the holidays and to make him happier than unwrapping  Call of Duty, just do it. It might not be the most traditional gift, but this could improve your chances of a last minute gift under the tree, or an awesome New Year.

Tip Two: Learn the Art of the Dollar. We love to show our effection through gifts, but ladies, we can sometimes go over board. So, give yourself and your guy a reasonable budget. Sure you want to get him a custom Drew Brees jersey, but you can’t be mad if all he gets you is a gift basket from Bath and Body.

Tip Three: Keep It Simple Stupid or K.I.S.S. Sorry ladies, but you know it’s the truth. I mean, I get it. You would love to send him on a scavenger hunt to all the places you went on your first date or a video montage of all your Instagram pics, but girls, sometimes the best gift is as easy as a gift set from Omaha Steaks. (Which I doubt any man would ever turn down…unless he’s a Vegan. In which case, I can’t help ya.)

In the end, the best gifts are genuine, heartfelt, kind and sometimes just quality time. Remember, you might not even be with this person next year, but if you are, that’s a gift within its self. Happy Holidays all!

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