Searching for Rhett Butler

I was born in Georgia. In a small town, in Georgia. Therefore, I take my southern charm and heritage, very seriously. In fact, I sometimes feel sad for folks who aren’t from the South. Where else can you find a culture, where people know who you are just by your last name, Sweet Tea is the only beverage of choice, where a funeral is also a fashion show and a simple “Bless Your Heart” is equal to a slap in the face. Yes, the South has it’s charms. The greatest I have found is the Southern Man.

I think it was about a year ago, on an ill begotten date that I realized, the man I want is in fact the modern Rhett Butler. Charming, Witty and dripping with southern charm. The modern Southern Man has many qualities which makes him a great catch for not only a Southern Belle, but for any woman. Here are just a few:




1) They Hunt

This goes all the way back to the caveman. But our modern Southern Man still enjoys to hunt. If you have never experienced the JOY of being awoke by a guy at 3:30 in the morning for deer season, get ready. It’s like seeing a child on Christmas morning. But this is a great time for you to one, sleep in and two prep your home for the inevitable pile of post hunt attire you will now need to clean. But why is this exciting? In the event of a zombie apocolapyse just know your man will have your back, and at least get you food!

2) God, Country, Family

These are the main cornerstone values of the Southern Man and let’s face it, that’s a great foundation. The Southern Man loves the lord and though he may attend a church service or two hung over, at least he shows up. He loves his country and will be quick to defend it. Bonus if your man was in the service. He walks and talks with honor. And finally he loves his family. Now I’m not talking about a mom’s boy, but the Southern Man will often spend his weekend with his closest friends. And in some cases, it’s his family. In this element, he is at home and he is charming.

3) And finally…The Good Guy

Ladies, stop saying that good guys don’t exisit, because they do. You might have to look past the jacked up truck, shades on the back of his head, polo shirt wearing, Golfin with his buddies persona. But underneath, he loves a strong woman, he will be your best friend and your biggest fan and he will be more loyal to you than an Collie. BUT…only if you let down your guard and give him the same respect.

So the next time your friend from Atlanta says she knows a great guy for you, get yourself a copy of Steel Magnolias and take notes. The Southern Man doesn’t have time for games and you need to learn to make a Caramel Cake before your first date!

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