Could you please put your clothes back on?




Over the past three years I have lost over 50 lbs. I’m not saying that to toot my own horn. Ok, maybe just a little bit. But I worked really stinkin hard to lose that weight. The new “lighter” version of me, has now become very sensitive to how I look in certain clothes…and of course, naked. Now I am not saying that I have become a fitness snob, I am saying, I have become more *cough* aware.

With this new found awareness, I had a thought. I wonder if men think of their bodies like women do? Sure, they walk around thinking they are Greek Gods. Some are…some are not. But it seems that most men carry a level of confidence about their bodies that women simply lack. What you think might look like a keg on a guy is just six pack, very well insulated.


A few nights ago, my curiosity was met with a date that…well, let’s think of a nice way to say this, looked far different with his shirt on, than off. But as he strutted across the room I had to wonder “How does he feel about his body?” I know if it were me, I would be sucking that bad boy in for Jesus. And, out of respect for my date…got a wax the night before.

You see, women are so hard on themselves because we feel that men expect us to look just like every Victoria’s Secret model on the runway. And if our mates aren’t pushing us to unrealistic goals, society is. But you don’t hear about guys who try to lose a few pounds to impress a girl. There is no bar in America where a man is tearing up in his Blue Moon about a girl who said his “little pooch” was “cute”.

(For the record men, if you ever say we have a “pooch”, little or cute, be prepared to sleep on the couch.)

In the end, confidence is key. If you want to rock that love handle, then do it. It’s a bonus however, if you find someone who loves you regardless of your weight. But as a former fluffy girl, if I am gonna kick my ass in the gym for the tight arms and abs that are a workout away from reality, I’m gonna need you to get your act together as well.


…At the very least- shave your back, man!


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