“Your Teeth are busted!” and other reasons I won’t date you

I get a bit annoyed with the countless essays, blogs and Cosmo quizzes on “What Women Want”. In case you never met a woman, we are very quick to tell you (whether you want to hear it or not) , what it is that we want. But just as important as what we are looking for in an ideal mate, or just a good date, is what we DON’T want. I posed this question to a few of my friends and some of the answers included:

  • Bad Teeth
  • Bad Shoes (Crocs or socks with sandals)
  • A Know It All
  • The Dumb Drunk
  • A Mama’s Boy
  • The Lazy Guy
  • The Sociopath (we have all dated one)
  • The Handy Man Challenged
  • and finally the Trailer Trash

Bad Date


If any of these apply to you, I am sorry to say, you are now voted off the island. As a side note ladies, please understand that a great deal of this applies to us as well. We are so ready to judge a man on the above qualities, but let’s not forget that many women can be found in this same list. The old excuse of “I just keep dating such jerks” can simply be rephrased in another way “What is up with me that I am dating the same type of guy?”

Maybe that’s it. Some women are refusing to take accountability of their mistakes. Because remember, we are never wrong. Well ladies, speaking as a confident Leo I am here to tell you, if you are dating the same type of guy and getting the same result, there is something WRONG with you. Now this doesn’t mean you are a horrible person, or you in fact deserve bad treatment. It just may mean that you need to alter your list of expectations.

Think of it this way. When you try on a pair of shoes that just aren’t right, you know very accurately what it is that you are looking for. “This heel is too much of a wedge. I want something more slender and in black”. When you come to this conclusion, you don’t continue to look for another wedge shoe. You zero in on what you DO want. If it’s a wedge you want, it’s a wedge you should wear.

So in the future ladies (and gents), define what it is you are looking for and just as important, what you don’t want. If the person doesn’t fit you, why bother? You are just wasting time on a shoe that doesn’t fit.

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