The Brawny Man

The truth is, the infamous Brawny Man paper towel character was created completely in the mind of Marketing analysts and researchers. They came up with the character to appeal to the average housewife. The Brawny Man was strong, handsome, courageous, dependable and the perfect combination of what researchers thought women were lacking…a man who could do the job. In a paper towel since, mind you.

But who is this Brawny Man. I always thought that man should be the all around kind of man that every woman, in one way or another, dreams about. He is a sort of foundation to “The Bad Boy”, “The Hot Dad”, “The Best Friend”, etc. Without a good foundation, all of these men, just seem to be little boys. For me, The Brawny Man is simple. It’s the man with a great smell. The kind of smell where you think “Ummm. You smell like a man. And you smell damn good!”

He is the man who wraps you in his arms, and not only do you melt, but you feel safe. And not the kind of “Oh, I am being held. I feel safe”, kind of safe. But the “This man can hold me, and I honestly think if we were being mugged, he can pick me up and run.”, kind of safe. The Brawny Man also has chemistry. I mean, you have to have some carnal joy. Right? But this chemistry, is different from any other man. The Brawny Man is serious, without pretense, no games and pure heat. Not so much that you would be scared or freaked out, but just enough to know that when he kisses you, he means it.

For any of us, we find in situations, where we just need a MAN. Not someone to occupy our time, or someone just to have sex with, we need a MAN. Someone who lives up to the definition. Not just a “real man”, but the strength, the dependability, the security, the attractiveness, the man that you know that if you never leave the house, you are ok with just being held. And equally, the kind of man, who wants to do nothing more, but that. To provide for the many wishes of the average housewife and single girl, one spill at a time.

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