Go out and Grab some balls!

Not what you think, I promise, but still very important…

I am always amazed at my girlfriends who tell me “I could never ask a guy out!” Really? Why not? What…are you still living in your grandmothers 1950’s fantasy of a house wife, Tupperware parties and trading the best meatloaf recipe?

I went out a few weeks ago with my gay. Note: Every self respecting woman, needs a gay. They love you no matter what, tell you, you look great when you don’t, and have the in on the best places to eat and drink. Any who, while out with my gay, I noticed the hot bartender. “I’m going to go give my number to the bartender.”, I say. “What?!”, replies my gay. Are you serious? He was shocked that I was being ballsy to ask a guy out? When did this happen that even the gays find it amazing that a woman was taking the dating bull by the horns?

I guess I can see where it is a bit daunting. There is the fear of rejection. Will he laugh in my face? Will he think I am being too forward, or worse off, desperate? Do I have food in my mouth? Will I say something stupid? Did I wear panties? Anything could go wrong. But you know what, it’s just talking to a stranger. You may never see this person again. Or you might even end up marrying them. But the fact still remains, it all starts off with one simple step.

So we as women expect guys to do this, but for some reason, we can’t get enough courage to make the first move. Well, I call shenanigans! Your challenge tonight is to go and talk to one complete stranger. Don’t go for the expectation of a relationship, go simply just to try something new. Who cares if he doesn’t get your number, or he does but never calls, or even ends up being gay. There is something said about being strong, smart, assertive and confident.

Now if you will excuse me, there is a pizza delivery boy that I simply must chat up!

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